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Welcome! Forget what you think you know about nutrition and weight loss. I am here to educate, motivate, and initiate the achievement of your goals.

I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer, as well as a Precision Nutrition Sports and Exercise Certified Level One Coach; both of which are highly respected authorities in the sports and fitness communities around the world and considered to be cutting edge programs that bring optimal results. I am constantly continuing my education through many different avenues, including meeting with Registered Dietitians to increase my knowledge.

Additionally, I have the privilege of spreading my passion of wellness by teaching group fitness classes at one of the nation's most premier health clubs. I have competed in several triathlons and endurance events. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two amazing children. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Sociology. I want to turn my passion into your results.


The Yin-Yang symbol in my logo is no coincidence. You may have even noticed the word balance in my website as well. I believe in living a balanced life and I implement this philosophy in my coaching approach. I want my clients to feel understood and that my coaching is tailored to their particular obstacles. The main focus of my business is online nutritional wellness and weight loss coaching. I also meet with clients in person or via Skype that need extra attention.

Studies have shown that exercise alone will not yield significant results; nutrition must become a lifestyle change to keep all that hard work moving in the right direction. I teach habit implementation and personalized strategies based on YOUR situation, leading you to your goals and maintaining long-term results. My meal plan service is recommended but not required for success. I will use my fitness and training knowledge to guide you through your exercise journey. Every “BODY” is different. My coaching provides the education and personalized approach that each individual needs. Clients’ minds and bodies are ever evolving and I am there every step of the way.

The Yin-Yang Symbol

"Two forces in the universe, according to a Chinese theory: yin is the passive, negative force, and yang the active, positive force. Wise people detect these forces in the seasons, in their food, and will regulate their lives accordingly."

"Two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition it is unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves – yin / yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. This starts both halves chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other."


A New Approach, A New You! Online Coaching- Starting at $99/mo

Accountability is a major factor with weight loss, and now you will have it from me! You will have your own personal coach. My online coaching program is a habit based approach that has proven successful for long term results. While many want to rush the process, this ends up being unsustainable and unsuccessful for the long haul. You will be sent short educational reading/viewing assignments and habits to implement daily. You and I will be able to track your progress through habit scoring, photos and measurements.

Two Hour Nutrition and Wellness Session - $119

After reviewing your medical history and goals, we will spend this time to discuss a wide variety of educational topics pertinent to you and your situation. I will also share general, yet, important nutrition and fitness knowledge to steer you in the right direction and debunk weight loss myths. This education will prove to be invaluable and applicable moving forward into the coming years. All my information is science based so you never have to worry about fad diets with me!

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One-on-One Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching - $99/mo - $129/mo

The 2 Hour Nutrition and Wellness Session is a prerequisite for all coaching clients to prepare their knowledge base and to set goals and recommendations. Clients all over the nation have had amazing results with my coaching service. I implement new habits, educate, and serve as your personal coach to keep you on track and provide accountability, continuing education, and strategies. 3 month and 6 month packages are available. Coaching clients will receive meal planning at a reduced rate. We can discuss which coaching package one is right for you. We will review measurements and photos bi- weekly and adjust your plan as needed. There is a 5% discount for packages paid in full.

(In Person or Via Skype)

Bi-Weekly Package

this service provides (2) 60 min sessions per month
12 week package
24 week package

Weekly Package

this service provides (2) 60 min sessions and (2) 30 min sessions per month
12 week package
24 week package

Meal Planning Service - $49/mo - $79/mo (online)

I have partnered with Evolution Nutrition to provide meal planning customized to your body and your goals. This service is fulling interactive and allows you to swap less desirable foods with just one click without changing the overall plan. A full shopping list is included! Your plan can be accessed with any smart device or computer. With the fully customized option, I will add and omit foods based on your preferences. Additionally, with the fully customized plan, I will add MY approved food brands that I have found overtime that are the healthiest and tastiest. Coaching clients will receive a $20 discount on meal planning services.


Local Grocery Store Tours - $59

Which brand is best? Don’t let the packaging fool you. I will meet you at the local grocery store of your choice to tour the store and educate you on the best foods for your goals. You will get an insider’s peek at MY preferred healthy and tasty foods. We will go over label reading and a wide variety of other topics. Written resources will be provided.

Save Money and bring your friends! $39 per person with a maximum of 3 people per group
Private 60 min Tour
Small Group

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